1. 9:17 PM
    The current feels faint nowadays, as if it were running dry. My soul is in a constant paradox, like an ocean made up of contradicting seas crashing against each other, unable to reconcile their varying densities. And so I find myself sitting here in the dark, with a river of city lights sprawled out in front of my aching body, creating waves in the back of my heavy eyelids; and all I am feeling within this fragment of drowning reality are my feet wanting to propel me to the depths of this vast, dim brightness. Forgive me, but a part of myself wants to dive in, if just to see whether it would swim or sink. I know, though, that even if I did, I still wouldn’t find you at the bottom, because I know that you are already adrift somewhere else.

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    From Ah Wilderness

    Nadav Kander

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    Darwin Gray at MSGM S/S 2015 by Kevin Pineda

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    Psychedelic Wallpaper (A Space Odyssey)

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  7. Misato Suzuki

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  10. pleoros:

    Marcel Breuer - Atlanta Central Public Library, Atlanta, Georgia, 1980.

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    Essex Street between Grand and Hester Streets

    New York City, ca. 1978

    Edmond V. Gillon

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