2. "i will call this bed my church, for
    i can think of nothing more sacred
    than the way you open your eyes
    and rub them with fists loose from sleep;
    than the stretch of your leg and
    the edge of your foot peeking
    out from the covers;
    than the smudge of mascara
    left over from last night;
    and the way your face
    folds like paper when you yawn
    and close your eyes again.

    this morning, i am blessed."
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  3. ombuarchitecture:

    Light Walls House

    Located in Toyokawa city, the “Light Walls House” is a wooden house imagined by Japanese studio mA-style architects. White, minimalist and decorated with plants, this building has a structure which allows the light to reflect on the ground and on the walls in order to create patterns thanks to a trick of shadows and rays.

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  4. natgeofound:

    Motorists pass people on a scenic road atop a cliff overlooking a bay near Trieste, Italy, 1956.Photograph by B. Anthony Stewart, National Geographic Creative

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  5. theimpossiblecool:

    Halston, Paris, 1960. 

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  8. aarcadien:

    Salvador Dali – Ménagère (Cutlery Set) 1957

    Six pieces (silver-gilt) comprising of two forks, two knives and two enameled spoons.

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  11. laflaneuse8:

    Pablo Picasso, Nude, 1931

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